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[rant] Ride With Me PV & The Making Of + Kindaichi SP 
30th-Dec-2013 11:33 am
So the thing is, became an OL drained my passion to write - orz But this PV just beyond awesome that I struggled to get this written & posted. *good me!* And with that said, I'll just start my short rant again ~

1st thing 1st, Ride With Me is such a great song, very to my liking, 1 of the best from JUMP (if not the best, I can't really say), but the choreography & the PV definitely is the best of JUMP! Main reason, Yuto is inhumanely drop dead gorgeous in the whole PV, but honestly speaking, because the other members get even screentime for the 1st time! I can see the others equally, not like the usual centers as always & that's really awesome!

Throughout the PV & Making Of, I can never take my eyes off Yuto even for a second! I keep seaching for him everywhere! He's awefully stunning nowadays & this PV do him real justice, to show his gorgeousness especially when he turns adult recently. I demand a full PV with Yuto alone do all the choreography, & I'll be the first go running & buy the single! Seriously, I wonder if anyone who wouldn't fall in love with him if they ever watch this PV. He's almost like a perfect guy, a dream guy anyone could ask for. And I wouldn't be suprised & believe unconditionally the moment if someone break a news revealing that Yuto is truthfully a royal prince, having royalty blood running through his body, and living in disguise until the time has come for him to take over the throne. (Yes, I would love this to be real!). But yeah, that's how I see him. :P Anyway, not only his appearance, but his every moves, expressions, the way he talks, everything, is so breath-taking & precious! I've never been so star-struck like this in my whole life, so just imagine how precious this boy to me! I've always love him since I could remember but this time he really hits me hard! My poor heart barely managed to survives every single time his endless love attacks strikes. I think this will keep continue for quite some times, or maybe he's already going for all out now? Then I'll prepare for forever! (>_<) I still want to go on about Yuto but I gotta make this post short so I'll go to the Making Of part now ~ Yuto, you unearthly-gorgeous-prince! I'm not finish with you yet, but I'll keep that in my heart, mind & soul.

So, aside from the fact this is the JUMP best PV ever (in my opinion), my favourite part of the Making Of Ride With Me PV, besides the obvious best part where we can see each member filmed their solo dance part, is when Daiki & Kei was practicing their rap lines. That was hella funny moment & I really love their antics! Certainly Kei is such a dorky guy, with all the "Don~!" "Sponge~!" "Pon~!" even after Daiki spells out the G.O.N.E to him that makes Daiki wants to hit the wall with the lyrics sheet! LOLOLOL (>_<). Also, the moment when Kei claimes Yuto's camera as his & took Hiakru's photo alone, cast Daiki aside. hahaha Other than that, probably the short YamaJima moment, when Yuto taking Ryosuke's sleeping face photo. Yuto's expression is so sweet! :P But talking about sleeping, I for once, thought that probably my wish is granted, which is to see Yuto asleep in between shoots & stay still for a while. So when Yuya was talking and I saw Yuto is asleep beside him, I was like "Eh? For real?!" Then not a seconds later he woke up & make that ridiculous facial expressions (but nevertheless the last part was really handsome!) and I was like "Ehhh~he feign sleeping?" But since we got a good laugh from him & Kota, then I feel like "Yeah, I should've known better that it's him. It's Yuto we are talking about, the always in sugar high boy!" :D Another part when Hikaru disturbing Keito's sleep, that's so cute (I kept remembering JUMParty 3 anyway). And I noticed that Keito's face becoming more & more like his father, right? And the part with Yuri, I think I only remember him sleeping the moment he got a chance to. LOL

So apart from all these moments, there's one part that I really want to highlight and it also proves that how much I love Yuto. No, it's not because of Yuto, but it's actually about Daiki. Since long time ago I realized this, I really love his stage presence, all his small hand-gestures, body-libs, his every moves, etc (if you know what I mean). To me, as an entertainer, I really look at these small little things which left a greater impact on me. Eventhough I love Yuto's too, but I enjoyed Daiki's best, be it when hosting, during concerts, performing on stages, everywhere, I'll notice some these little hand-gestures, body-libs he did. And what makes me even loving Yuto more is when I realized he actually think Daiki's hand-gestures is good too! The part when Yuto talked to Kota about how the gestures looks nice, I was like "Wow! You realized it Yuto! You think the same as I do! I love you even more now!" (Ok, I know the last part wasn't necessary but I can't helped it) :P

So, that concludes almost what I have to say about this PV & Making Of ~ now, about the Kindaichi SP! As almost everyone would know by now, the filming was done partly in Malaysia, which is my home country & they went to the most obvious place in Malaysia, which is KLCC & that place is like inch away from my house but I didn't caught a wind they actually there! What hurts more, I knew about this just the day after they had left my country ~ and that makes me come to a resolution to jump off into the pond/pool at the KLCC if ever went there but luckily (or honestly) I didn't because I purposely avoiding that place ever since I learn about the Kindaichi cast was there and I missed them by a day! Not to mention they actually went to The Curve to do some shopping and that place was an inch away from my workplace! Yes, I'm still butthurt over all this fiasco, so I have to say it again & again & again (probably until they came back again here in Malaysia & I got to see them)! So the thing I want to say actually, I don't know how would I gonna watch this sp soon without the feeling of wanting to drown myself in the pond/pool at the KLCC park! Nevertheless, I hope they'll air this on our local tv channel (preferably NTV7 since it sounds similar with their channel right?hehe), and air it the same time as in Japan. I can't wait to see Wu Zhun again & yay! for J (Narimiya Hiroki, but since Bloody Monday I always called him J), the new villain! Hope this sp will be good, up to par with the great theme song, and probably will help my heart to mend over their secret filming in Malaysia ~ *continue sulking in the corner*

Nakajima Yuto 2
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