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Introductory Post! v(^_^)v 
8th-Feb-2012 09:32 am - [sticky post]

Edited: 12th Oct 2016

Hello minna, genki desu ka??
Yuri is here ~ yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!

Shall you encounter me anywhere around LJ, I think brief introduction will be good right? Here we go ~

Name: Yuri [Neither my real name nor exactly a nickname, somehow it's there]
Age: 27 [Well I'm a big kiddo every now & then
From: Malaysia [Yup! Kind of J-POP's land mine it seems 😌] [I'm Malay by the way]

Current Interest:
J-POP [pretty much everyone in Johnnys, but my bias is Hey! Say! JUMP, my ichiban is Nakajima Yuto!
K-POP [YG Family @ BIG BANG | 2NE1 | WINNER | EPIK HIGH |, Jay Park, any song that are good to my ears will do],
J-Dorama, K-Drama, Anime, Sports, surfing internet, reading fanfic [but LIMITED to Hey! Say! JUMP fandom only!! YamaJima to be specififc. Don't even know why 😅]

Fandom History:
before 2006: T/C-POP [But until now Jay Zhou is still my favourite!]
2006 - 2008: J-POP [Because of J-Dorama, I started looking for J-POP, more likely Johnnys' Entertainment only]
2008 - 2010: K-POP [Because of TVXQ!, totally left J-POP but once in a while I checked on Hey! Say! JUMP]
2011 - present: Johnnys Entertainment, YG Family [Because K-POP is everywhere & I grew tired of it already!

So, that's my brief introduction for y'all! Oh, The 2 photos below are my greatest interest in J-Pop & K-pop Fandom ~ douzo!!

Hey! Say! JUMP (From left - 1st row: Inoo Kei, Nakajima Yuto (forever my ichiban), Yabu Kota | 2nd row: Okamoto Keito, Morimoto Ryutaro, Takaki Yuya, Yaotome Hikaru | 3rd row: Chinen Yuri, Yamada Ryosuke, Arioka Daiki)

(oh yeah, whatever it is, Ryutaro will forever be part of Hey! Say! JUMP)

BIG BANG (From left - Seung Ri, G-Dragon (my bias), Tae Yang, Dae Sung, T.O.P)

Well, these 2 are my ULTIMATE BIAS, so I won't bother to add the others, otherwise this post will be too long! haha Maybe later when I'll post another entry, I might add about the rest here & there. Look forward to it! ;)

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter and/or add my Facebook if you ever need extra friend, I'll definitely want to be your friend!

So, till we meet again ~ jaa ne minna!! v(^_^)v

Nakajima Yuto 2
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