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8th-Feb-2012 09:32 am - [sticky post] Introductory Post! v(^_^)v

Edited: 12th Oct 2016

Hello minna, genki desu ka??
Yuri is here ~ yoroshiku onegaishimasu!!

Shall you encounter me anywhere around LJ, I think brief introduction will be good right? Here we go ~

Let's get to know me more ~Collapse )

Nakajima Yuto 2
18th-Nov-2015 12:08 am - Answer for question 4552.
What sites online do you spend the most time visiting in a day (for personal use, not business)? Do you find it easy or hard to limit the amount of time you spend "surfing"? What's your favorite place to hang out? What site do you like the least that lots of your friends use?
I'm on Twitter most of the time but not continuously for hours. You can do just about everything on Twitter, especially I can rant whatever and nobody will care, which is very convenient. Favourite places would be anywhere I can read news and watch entertainments. And I just not too fond of Instagram even though I have one and people seems to love it the most. I don't post photo/video everyday.
Nakajima Yuto 2
11th-Jun-2015 07:30 am - Answer for question 4406.
Do you like K-Pop and/or J-Pop music? Who are your favorite artist(s) from these genres and what's your favorite song?
Favourite K-pop artist is none other than the great BIG BANG. I love almost every of their songs but if you put a gun on my head & tell me to choose one, it's "Until Whenever" because the song is specially made by BIG BANG for VIP.
Favourite J-pop artist would be Hey! Say! JUMP. I love Johnny's generally but I could accept just about everything when it comes to Hey! Say! JUMP. Again it's hard to pick just one song but my most favourite I would say "Star Time" because the song is just simply beautiful.
Nakajima Yuto 2
First of all, akemashite o-medetō-gozaimasu! (though it's too late already, but it's better late than never, right?)
I always wanted to do review for every episode of Shounen Club since ages ago but never fulfilled it, due to so many reason but mainly because of time constraint & lack of enthusiasm. But starting from this year's pilot episode, I will try my best to write my review for every episode moving forward, just to pour my thought & channel my stress out of my system. I think this would be one of a good way to do so, to write & express our self.

Jya~with that said, let's start with the 1st episode, with the theme of Sekai (World).

Theme: Sekai (World)
MC: Daiki + Takaki + Yuto (mainly), Hikaru + Yamada (Jr ni Q)
Guest: -
Performer: Hey! Say! JUMP, A.B.C-Z, Sexy Zone, Johnny's Juniors

Shounen Club 130109 - [T] Sekai (World)Collapse )
Nakajima Yuto 2
Though he's not my favourite member & I am a bit skeptical about this whole solo debut thingy, but I am always acknowledge his great ability in singing, dancing, acting or in whatever he's doing. So, let's jump to what I want to say about this guy & his solo songs ne ~

Review on Yamada Ryosuke's Mystery Virgin albumCollapse )

You are always welcomed to share your own thought! ;)
Nakajima Yuto 2
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